What is ShotDeck?

ShotDeck is a searchable website with a large collection of stills from Studio and Indie Films. It was created by Lawrence Sher, ASC (cinematographer of Joker), as a collaborative professional tool for filmmakers. It allows you to build references and create “decks” to share with your filmmaking team so everyone is on the same page.


Sign Up for a Free Beta Account

Go to shotdeck.com. Here you can sign up for a free Beta account. Click on the "Register for a Free Beta Account", and enter your email. You will get an email from Shotdeck with your login info. There is also a short video that gives you an overview of how ShotDeck works. There are also 3 video tutorials on the Blog page.


Searching for a Film

After you enter your login info, you will be taken to the home page. In the search box, type the Film you are looking for. I entered Seven, which gave me a list of films with Seven in them. I picked Seven (1995), and that takes you to the page for the film. It gives you details on the Film, where to stream it, and below that stills from the Film.

Looking at a Frame in Detail

If you then click on a still, you get an enlarged view with details about that specific shot (Interior/Exterior, Time of Day, Lighting, etc.). Clicking on the Left or Right Arrows lets you scroll through all the shots for that film.


Save a Still to a Deck

In the "Your Decks" section, click "New" to create a Deck and name it. Then click the " + icon" on a still to add it to a New Deck.


Browse Movies 

Click on "Browse Movies". This lets you search for Movies from A to Z. When you hover over a movie name it tells you the number of shots for that film. Click on the Film to go to its Page.

Browse Shots

Click on "Browse Shots". On the left of the page is an extensive Filter Search. You can check multiple filters to target your search.


Download Your Deck

Select your Deck on the bottom left. Then on the top right click on the "Export" icon (down arrow in a circle). Then select "ZIP - download full-size shots". Then Unzip your Deck so it can be imported into ShotDeck.



ShotDeck stills (Decks) can be imported into Colourlab AI and used as References to match shots.

You can check out the following on how to do that.


We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you.

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