1.Color Pipeline 


Colourlab Ai has two color pipeline options for color management.
To select the Color Pipeline, open the "Preferences...", go to "Display & Color" and in the "Color Pipeline" section you can choose between two modes: With the new Advanced method of color management, DaVinci Resolve Studio™ will receive four nodes from Colourlab Ai: IDT -> CDL -> Show Look -> ODT.





"Advanced" (IDT -> CDL -> Show Look -> ODT) it will send four nodes to DaVinci Resolve Studio™.

• ”Standard" (Legacy: CDL -> Show Look) will send only two nodes DaVinci Resolve Studio™.

IDTs and ODTs will be identical to the DaVinci Resolve Studio™ Color Space Transform allowing you the ability to work color managed on the node level. Colourlab defaults to the Advanced Color Pipeline which is recommended. The Standard pipeline applies to specific workflows, including when an ALE export with color meta-data is needed to finish in AVID.