1. Import through Resolve or with the Media Import button.

2. On the popup Adjust the "Rules" for the Cameras

A note on file naming conventions: Colourlab is designed to look at your filenames. When you ingest (move from camera to computer) footage, keep the default filenames and it should auto-detect just fine. You can set your own prefixes in this menu as well if you like.

The groups of Cameras are on the left. We need to set these as the clips aren't named with the camera's naming convention. You can delete these default generated ones and create your own with the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. Name the cameras and choose the right camera profile.

On the right, are your clips. You can change what camera you use per shot under Camera Name. The camera profile will update on the far right to confirm.

Once your settings are set, you can hit Done.




3. Returning to these settings

You can open this menu again anytime by clicking the  Camera Profiles icon in the Toolbar


4. Adjusting each shot individually

Just click on Shot Settings and select the desired camera setting