Note: Grainlab is generative grain, so it looks different on each frame and is an advantage over to a film grain overlay that is the same on each frame.

1) Select Your Camera

Camera Selection -Select the camera you filmed with to generate the best possible LUT.

It blends in Camera Negative Mode (Log).

Currently supported cameras are: Rec 709, ARRI, BMDPocket, RED (RED Wide Gamut & Dragon Color 2), Sony, and Panasonic VLOG.


2) Select your Grain Intensity

Grain Selection - This determines the Intensity of the texture, rather than the amount of Grain.

Intensity goes from top to bottom in Intensity. 16 400T is intense as it is high iso (light sensitivity) 16mm film which has a lot of grain. 35 200T is the least intense. The 35mm grains are very smooth and less of a gimmicky look.



3) Fine-Tuning Camera and Grain Settings

After you select your camera and grain, you can move on to fine-tuning. This is covered in the

"Fine-Tuning Grain Intensity in Grainlab" Tutorial.


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