In a few steps, we will set up a path to the folder where our reference stills are going to be saved Colourlab. This is an optional step as Colourlab is using a certain location by default


1.  Set up path folder and choose Reference Stills Folder

First, we need to set up the path to the folder where Colourlab is going to save Still Reference Images. To do this we need to go to Colourlab menu => Preferences (  ⌘, ) => Paths 

and then in the Reference Stills Tab you need to select Custom Ref Stills Folder in the drop-down menu.

Now Select the folder where the Reference Stills will be saved, click OPEN to select the folder, and then click CLOSE to CLOSE preference window.





2.Import Reference Stills in Colourlab 

First, go to Reference Stills Section and Click on Import Stills Button.

Then choose the STILLS you want to import into Colourlab and click on OPEN. Now you have successfully imported your Reference Stills into Colourlab.





3.Manage your Reference Stills

By clicking on the "FOLDER" Icon you can directly open your Reference Stills Folder.

In there  you  can manage your Reference Stills ( ex: eliminating the unused or unwanted ones)


We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you.

If you have other questions please contact

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