1.Find Show Look panel

First of all, on Colourlab Ai go to the Show Look panel by clicking on the Show Look tab or Show Look Icon to show up the LUTs Library.
Then click on the Imported LUTs tab inside the Category menu to see only the previously imported LUTs
on Colourlab Ai.



2.Delete unwanted or unused  imported LUT

To delete a LUT is very simple, you just need to right-click with the mouse on the LUT you want to delete and then on the drop-down menu choose Show in Finder
The Folder where imported LUTs are stored will automatically open, the LUT you choose is already highlighted so you just need to move it to the Bin.
A Warning panel will show up advising you that a Creative LUTs is missing. Close the Panel by clicking on OK, then you just need to Refresh the Library by clicking on the Circle Arrow, and the warning offline red icon will magically disappear.






We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you.

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