1. Deactivate your License

You have two options to Deactivate your license:

1.1.Deactivate via your website account
First of all, go to https://www.colourlab.ai/ website and log in to your account, then click on license management.



In the license management section, click on the DEACTIVATE button for the machine whose license you want to deactivate.
The wording (Available)  show you which seats of the license is ready to use.



1.2.Deactivate inside the Plugin

Grainlab1.2 and Look Designer2.1 

Grainlab and Look Designer have the same procedure, In DaVinci Resolve you need to click on the node where your plugin is set, and in the Settings tab scroll until you'll find the License button and click on it.
In the newly opened window, click on the Deactivate button, then manually cancel your Serial Number.

Make sure to cancel the Serial Number, then close the License Window



Colourlab Ai 

Click on Colourlab drop-down menu and choose Activate/Deactivate License...



In the new tab with the License click on Deactivate.



2. Move your License to another Computer

After completing the deactivation, if you want, you can activate it on another computer.
It's very simple to do it, you just have to take the activation code from your account at https://www.colourlab.ai/ and enter it on the Plugin on the other computer.


We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you.

If you have other questions please contact

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