Open Preferences

Go to the top left and its under ColourLab -> Preferences


Smart Match Error Threshold

Adjusts the threshold for maximum error value. 100% means only perfectly matched and we do not recommend this setting as shots never match 100%. A good value is around 75-80%

Color Science

Note: This feature is coming soon. So is ACES.



Shot Thumbnail

You can set which frame you want your thumbnails to display on the timeline.

  • First Frame
  • Middle Frame
  • Custom Time (Seconds)


Reference Stills

Set the location of your saved stills.

Imported LUTS

You can use this shortcut to get to the finder folder where your LUTS are stored.

Show Gallery in Finder

You can use this shortcut to find your gallery.

Video Output

Output Device

If you have multiple devices, you can set it here.

Output Video Format

Sets the format of the video.


Shows your device info.


We hope this tutorial has been helpful to you.

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