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,           Preferences...    

        Hide Colourlab  

   Hide Others       

        Quit Colourlab   

Q    Quit and Close All Windows  



N        New

O        Open Project…  

I          Import Media…      

S         Save Project…   

S    Save Project As… 

⌘ P    Page Setup...

⌘ P          Print




 Z        Undo  

Z     Redo

 X        Cut    

C        Copy

V        Paste

⌥⇧  V    Paste and Match Style



R          Set Reference 

M         Add Scene Marker 

M      Merge Scene Left 

M      Merge Scene Right  

A          Match Scene to Reference             

A     Match All  Scene

A       Auto Match Single Shot 

S          Match Shots to Reference Still

⇧S      Match Shots to Reference Still

G          Grab Current Grading To Gallery   

B          Preview Previous Color Match      

N          Preview Next Color Match             

Esc     Close Match Versions  

         Shot Match Version   

⌘↵     Apply version to all shots in the scene    




⌘ L        Browse Show Looks     

⌘ E    Begin Look Designer




Z    Reset CDL Settings to the Last Match. 

         Reset Selected Shot CDL.

T          Set Match to Current Time and Match

⌥T      Set Match to Current Time

 T    Clear Match Frame

=          Copy Grading From Previous Shot      

-          Copy Grading From Two Shots Back   

       Delete Selected Shot   




Space      Play/ Pause          

Space   Toggle Loop/Playthrough  

              Previous Frame   

              Next Frame                     

↑                Preview Previous Shot      

                Preview Next Shot              

            Preview Previous Scene 

            Preview Next Scene
I                  Show Interesting  Frame

F                 Jump to Next Interesting Time

D                 Jump to Previous Interesting Time


Jump to Frame (Drop-Down Menu)

⇧ F          Jump to Thumbnail Frame

⇧ D          Jump to Most Average Frame

⌥  F           Jump to Brightest Region

⌥  D          Jump to Darkest Region

⌥ ⇧ F      Jump to Most Similar to Reference

⌥ ⇧ D     Jump to Least Similar to Reference


1                  Preview Flat                 

2                 Preview REC709         

3                 Preview Show Look    

4                 Preview Shot Look + CDL (Auto Match)    

~                 Grading Mode( Show Scopes and Quad view, press again to show reference)            

D           Toggle Show Look / Shot Look    

⌥ ⌘      Toggle Flat / Shot Look  

 F            Fullscreen Preview 

⇧ G          Add Current Grading To Gallery

G              Quick Grab Current Grading To Gallery 

B                Preview Previous Color Match      

N               Preview Next Color Match             






⇧ ⌘ \       Show All Tabs

  T       Hide Toolbar         

Esc            Exit Full Screen 

`                  Grading Mode

TAB           Cycle Shot Setting  

⌃ ⌘  S       Show Sidebar

⌃ ⌘  F       Enter/ Exit Full-Screen



M    Minimize              

W     Close                     

F     FullscreenToggle



Printer Lights Shortcuts

Printer Lights = 1/2 step,

= 1/4 step,

⇧⌃ = 1/10 step 

(Selected Printer Lights) +  =  1/2 step,

(Selected Printer Lights) +   =  1/4 step,

(Selected Printer Lights) + ⇧⌃ = 1/10 step 

Numpad 7         Printer Lights Red +              

Numpad 4         Printer Lights Red -               

Numpad 8         Printer Lights Green +          

Numpad 5         Printer Lights Green -           

Numpad 9         Printer Lights Blue +             

Numpad 6         Printer Lights Blue -               

Numpad 1         Printer Lights Cyan +            

Numpad -          Printer Lights Cyan -            

Numpad 2          Printer Lights Magenta +    

Numpad 0          Printer Lights Magenta -     

Numpad 3          Printer Lights Yellow +  

Numpad .         Printer Lights Yellow -  

Numpad +          Printer Lights Luma +          

Numpad Enter   Printer Lights Luma -          


Matching Options (Shots must be analyzed for this to be available) 

Show Match Versions Return Opens the match versions panel 

Close Match Versions w/o Apply. Escape (Close the match versions panel without changing the current shot)

Apply Alternate Version To Shot Return (Closes the match versions panel and applies the current version) 

Apply Alternate Version To Scene ⌘ + Return (Closes the match versions panel and applies the current version to all shots in the same scene). 

Previous Version B (When the match versions are open, shows the previous version)

Previous Version N (When the match versions are open, shows the next version) 

Grading Mode ` (Switches to Color Wheels / Printer Lights, Scopes, and Quad / Reference Shot View) Press multiple times to toggle between quad and reference shot view. 



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